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by lorikoop

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(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published May 04, 2013)

“Living TRU”… what does that mean? Let’s start with “TRU.”

I pondered what acronym I could create from those three letters. I knew it was the spelling I wanted to use, I just didn’t know why. I tried to figure out something that would make sense. Something ingenious. Something mind blowing! But nothing came to me.

Not until I opened the door to my doctor’s office and in dropped “The Real You.” It was not audible, but I heard it. What? Yes, it was true: TRU = The Real You. “T”… The, “R”… Real, “U”… You. Wow! Talk about mind blowing!! It was perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. Because when you are The Real You, you are TRU.

The Real You is who you are at your core. Your Essence. Your spirit. It is the part of you that is ageless and could have been placed into any body. It is not the body, but is located in it. Specifically, it lives in the right brain. The right brain provides the space from which the spirit can guide and lead. That’s what the spirit was designed to do: it holds the map to our right life, to our entire life, including the work we are here to do. It can navigate without guesswork.

We gain access to the map (and the specifics of our life) when we listen deeply. When we spend time in a calm, quiet place — a place where we can be open to the truth — we hear the soft voice of the spirit. If our environment is too loud, we cannot hear. Even our own mind can distract us. The worries and concerns, the fears and the doubts of the left brain disconnect us, and we lose access. Our attention is brought to the surface, away from the spirit and into a place far from calm. As these fearful thoughts take over, we lose our clarity. Our sure direction becomes fuzzy. Our confidence dwindles. And we feel lost.

Living TRU is about coming back into alignment: reconnecting with the truth that is in you and your path. Next week, we’ll talk about how to connect to the spirit. Stay tuned.

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