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“If an object or expression can bring about, within us, a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing, then that object is said to be wabi-sabi.” Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence

When I began making ceramics two years ago, I knew exactly what I wanted to do… make ceramics that spoke. I needed to be authentic and real. Handmade imperfection, unglazed fired clay and irregular textured surfaces became the language.

The Japanese term “wabi sabi” was used several times to describe the work. It describes both an aesthetic and a philosophy.

Wabi is rustic, simple and quiet. It refers to understated, subtle beauty. The quiet beauty that waits patiently to be discovered. It also refers to the natural quirks and irregularities that come from the process of construction, from being human.

Sabi is serenity that comes with age. The beauty of patina, visible wear and repairs. It is about the natural cycle of life – growth, decay and death. The cracks, the marks of time, weather and use.

Together, wabi sabi is about process, and it involves continuous change, evolution. Nothing is perfect, nothing is complete, and nothing lasts.

In it, we slow down. Live simply.
Fill with gratitude. Unclutter.

Sounds good, huh?!!
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Speaking of Japanese, I started to leave links to some Japanese pranks, but they were too raw. My daughter and I eventually came upon this video and couldn’t stop laughing. We were scheduled to go indoor skydiving this weekend so we knew about the flapping lips. But what we didn’t know… click here.

Wabi sabi? Certainly here nothing is perfect, nothing is complete, and nothing lasts.

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Patsy Kay Kolesar August 8, 2010 at 11:09 am

Hi Lori,

Wabi Sabi has been swimming in my head ever since this upword post two weeks ago. I love it.


admin August 8, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Thanks, Patsy. I think you work with wabi sabi a lot. Probably why it has stayed with you… it’s talking to you.


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