by lorikoop


Create something special . . .

(word 26)

VISION involves seeing . . . our word for the week.

We sat in the terminal two extra hours waiting for our plane to land. It was circling overhead until the tropical storm cleared.

Such is life. Frustrating at times. Dealing with things outside our control. Sometimes we are forced into a holding pattern with no choice but to wait.

Within every delay is an opportunity (or two). How often do you get this kind of time? Look around. What could use your attention?

Look inside. Take some time to reflect and review. Get back in touch with that still, small voice. Check your direction, your dreams. Adjust if necessary. Get that vision clear. Now’s the perfect time.

Look outside. My daughter and I reflected on our trip and all the memories gathered. She finally found the teen magazine she had been searching for. And the large, stable bathrooms were greatly appreciated. All because of the delay.

Then the storm passed, and we were up in the air. It was safe, and we were clear . . . in more ways than one.
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Final touches to the Seth Godin product line happening this week. Look for Etsy additions very soon.

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