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Create something special . . .

The New Year is notorious for inspiring people to exercise. And I am no exception. I REALLY wanted to get back to yoga and weights. In one journaling session, I had constructed a regimen of 6 days a week, beginning Monday.

Well, I went.
After 6 months.
And the next day, OUCH!
Time to reconsider the plan.

And my ALL or NOTHING thinking.
Going from doing nothing. To doing it all.

What about the middle ground.
The space in between.
The process.

Sometimes I forget about it.
Often I don’t want it!

But staying power, change that sticks, happens slowly.

I’ll add a new day. When my body feels ready.
I’ll let it adjust. And build. Strength.
Endurance. Confidence. Commitment.
One incremental step at a time.

No, it won’t happen overnight.
But I’d rather it last.

. . . . . . . .

Coming TRU

Let’s say you’re getting the message to exercise more.

Either the left brain is lecturing “you should!”
(And other derogatory language.)
Or the right brain is suggesting better health.

Same message.

Two different tactics.

Two different feelings.

And two different results.

It’s like that with their words.
And your results.

Listen to what feels good. That’s your spirit.
And that’s what’s TRU.

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