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As I was debating what to write about this week, I thought of the act of deciding. How unless there’s a clear winner, I can get stuck. Examining the options, over and over again in my head. Hoping the right answer will POP OUT.

If you too find yourself struggling with a decision, this advice has helped me every time… “FEEL IT.”

I know. Simple. But we often forget. I often forget. My deepest wisdom and guidance comes from my spirit, which talks through my body. Instead of trying to engage my logical, left brain mind to figure things out, I can feel my way to the answer thru my body. In this way, I am aligning with what is most TRU for me.

To “feel it,” I saw myself doing the first option. I engaged the 5 senses as if I was really doing it. And thus, my body responded. I gave it an “excitement” score, ranging from 0 to 10. Down the list I went, looking for the option that generated the MOST excitement.

And it did POP OUT!
When I looked for the TRUth.

The.legs of one of my pots. I know.
I want to share them.
And I will.
It’s a matter of priority.
And yes, “feeling it!”

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