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(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published May 18, 2013)

The body. Remember that thing? Sometimes we don’t. At times our mind is so full of
thoughts, we leave our body. Well, really, we don’t — we are just too distracted to notice our body’s sensations. Though we are physically there, we have mentally traveled to a place far from the present moment. Away from the here and now. This is fine — even occasionally necessary — for a while. But when our thoughts get stuck whirling, as we try to “figure things out,” we lose the benefits of our internal navigation system. We miss the insights that come from our body.

The beautiful and perfect thing about the body, EVERY body, is its innate ability to
navigate. You see, the spirit holds our life map, and it is designed to show us the way.
It sends guidance through sensations regarding people, situations, decisions… really any matter involving our lives, if we pay close attention.

Each body uses a unique set of sensations to communicate. My clients have expressed feeling lightness, an open chest, excited butterflies in their stomachs when their body is communicating “YES!” And things like a constricted throat, tight shoulders and a queasy stomach when their body is saying “NO!” Your body has its own unique language.

To prove it, think of a time when you were in a blissful, joyful state. What were you doing? Go there now, see it in your mind’s eye. Your body will react. What body sensations do you feel? Really stop and notice. This is the way your body says “YES!” Now imagine the opposite… a situation (a job, perhaps) where you were not happy. Engage with it viscerally. See it in your mind’s eye. Now what sensations are present? They feel different, huh? This is your “NO!”

Be patient with yourself. As with all new things, we start out as beginners. With practice,
we get better at hearing what our body has to say and using its wisdom. We get better at Living TRU.

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