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She was exhausted. Her body and her spirit said so, but she had homework to do after a long day of school. So she “pushed through” to finish, instead of listening.

I believe this is how it starts for most of us, the disconnection with our body. It was required to make the honor roll. And we learned it well. So well, we hardly see that we still disconnect. Many of us are still pushing. To make the grade. To get the promotion. To “do it all.” But that faithful body, it’s still talking.

I recently watched a naturopathic doctor ask the body, not the person, where it was deficient. And the body told her.

Because it knows. Reconnection. All it takes is the time to listen. And honor. (Before it’s too late.)

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Coming TRU

Your body, what is it asking for today?

It’s on your side. And will speak the truth. In love.

It’s that kind of friend.

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Writing TRU

I am now a weekly writer for the free local newspaper, The Mountain View News. The Right Brain Business Coach to the community with my new column Living TRU. CLICK HERE to read the initial feature. I’m SO excited! A new way to reach the people looking for me.

They.have no trouble.
Their TRU nature.
And ours.

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