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Create something special . . .

I noticed I was grabbing a snack in front of the tv at night.

Then I noticed I was fantasizing about the future a lot.

Then I realized I never stopped, all day every day.

Hmmm. I was running. Avoiding the present moment. The present moment is where feelings are. And I obviously didn’t want to be there.

It’s natural to avoid pain. If it doesn’t feel good, we run. We don’t want to hurt.

But I didn’t like my behavior (or behaviors) and wanted to change. To do that, I’d have to go to the present moment and look at what was really going on. What was I thinking and believing? Because these thoughts were causing me to feel, then act a certain way.

I looked in my head and found the thought “I didn’t do enough today.” I even heard myself saying it out loud. It was a solid belief, and I beat myself up with it regularly. It took my enthusiasm and hope, and left me feeling inadequate, incapable, and defeated.

I knew deep down it wasn’t true. That I was a hard worker. But that acknowledgment was far from my mind. Because it was filled with the other thought.

I decided to sit down at 5 pm every evening and write what I had accomplished. To find the evidence that clearly supported the better feeling, productive thought “I did my part today.”

That thought makes me feel peace. And with enough evidence, the old thought will vanish. Along with the behaviors I don’t want.

. . . . . . . .

Coming TRU

Become “the watcher” of your own life.
Be curious about yourself and your actions.
Not judgmental. But interested.
Your actions point to your beliefs.

If you see a behavior you’d like to change, look closely and ask WHY? Behaviors are indicators of what you’re thinking. And believing. Question those thoughts. By yourself or with a coach. Find better feeling thoughts and collect evidence.

This is how you create your best life.

Sometimes.the lense needs to be
adjusted. Depends on the results
you want.

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