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I never knew. Until this morning. Seriously. I’ve heard of it, but it never resonated with me. I just couldn’t see that I had a “fear of success.” I had only seen my fear of failure.

This morning I saw it. Yesterday, doors of opportunity opened. And I freaked out and ran! By using food, I attempted to hide. I now see I use it often, as a way to avoid success.

It’s so weird. It was there, and I couldn’t see it.

Thank goodness for unwelcome patterns. They point the way. They show us exactly where we need to look if we want to create more freedom.

I’m on a quest. A quest to live fully and reach my potential.

Coaching has given me the tools to know what to do when a pattern shows up that I don’t like. I make adjustments and relieve the pain. Like a chiropractor.

In this case, I found the thought “I can’t handle this.” Then used Byron Katie’s The Work to dissolve the thought.

I no longer live with the pain. I see I no longer have to.

. . . . . . . .

Coming TRU

Any unhealthy patterns stand out for you?

They mark the spot for growth.

Look closely for the thoughts that are creating the actions. Sometimes it’s buried deep, and you need help finding it. Hire a coach, if necessary.

“Work the thought” using The Work and dislodge the belief. When you do, you’ll automatically change the pattern, too.

No, you don’t need to live with the pain either.
. . . . . . . .

Private Coaching

I just needed help with one thing. One thing that wasn’t working in my life. And that inquiry opened the door to a world of tools I never knew I was missing… but I was. Badly!

You’ve probably never tried coaching before. It’s not like “years of therapy.” It’s more like 8 sessions, and you’re done. You will have the tools you need. Phone, Skype or in person. Try a complimentary session and see… my hunch is you too will discover an amazing world you never knew you never knew.

My special summer rate is $65/session (Reg. $75).

Stanley.seeks higher ground.

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