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by lorikoop

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Create something special . . .

(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published June 8, 2013)

The right-brain and left-brain were designed to work together: the right-brain spiritually guides us in the direction of our purpose, and the left-brain physically gets us there. When we encounter fear, our thoughts are diverted. Instead of listening to the spirit, we hear the fearful thoughts. Clarity vanishes. We get confused. We can’t decide, so we don’t move. We forget that we’ve already been told what the right move is.

Remember, the spirit knows who we are and what we are here to do. It can show us how to get there, if we listen and act accordingly. Fearful thoughts make us too afraid to act: we see too much risk, too many negative possibilities. We see the reasons why it won’t work. What it could cost.

When we remove the fear, we realign with the spirit and our right path. As a coach, that’s what I do most and best: I help clients dissolve their fearful thoughts. Help them see how to live the unique life they know, deep down, they were created for — the life that still excites them!

My favorite tool for dissolving fear is “The Work” by Byron Katie. It’s a straightforward process of 4 inquiry questions and 3 turnarounds, and it delivers extraordinary freedom!

“The Work” pulls out the thought so it can be looked at, really looked at, from different perspectives. It allows the mind to imagine other possibilities, to untangle painful beliefs and discover new ones that could be just as true. It is a meditative approach, not a series of must-dos. For step-by-step instructions, visit her website ( Or come see me. I offer a complimentary session, and I’m happy to teach you in-person.

Fear keeps us playing small… and short of our potential. If you too want TO DO the things you dream about, learn how to keep the path clear. Without fear to block you, you are free… TRUly free!

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