TRU Feelings

by lorikoop

in Mountain Views News

Create something special . . .

(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published May 25, 2013)

Our thoughts create our feelings. They just do. Good and bad, like it or not. That’s how we work: our body responds to what we think about.

How are you feeling right now? There are feelings according to the mind — like “mad, sad, glad or afraid”. And there are feelings according to the body, the physical sensations we sometimes can’t put into words. While the head abbreviates, the body tells the whole story… and never lies.

So, how are you feeling? If it’s “good,” go right on thinkin’ what you’re thinkin’, because it will keep you feelin’ what you’re feelin’. Your thoughts are working for you.

If it’s “not so good,” it’s nice to know where to start to create change. Since your thoughts produce the feelings, take notice of what you are thinking. FInd the thoughts that are creating the discomfort. The great news? When you change them, your feelings will also change. Come up with a thought that makes you feel better. More empowered and productive. Yes, you get to choose.

Try writing the toxic ones down on paper, just as they are. See those bandits in black and white. Call their bluff. Then replace them with the new, better feeling thoughts. For example: “I can’t do this!” might become “I’m learning how to do this.” Read each thought again now, and notice how each makes you feel. Different, huh?

When looking for a new thought, don’t jump to an opposite statement, as an affirmation tends to do. Look for a statement that is a baby step from where you are. The key is it that is has to feel true (in your mind and in your body). If it generates a deep sigh or an exhale, you’ve hit it. Recite it whenever the dark one shows up; you will feel relief.

It’s in your power. How DO you want to feel?

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