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Create something special . . .

(word 5)

The word for this week is THANKS.

From about 350 brainstormed words, I drew one at a time and filled the 2010 calendar of Sundays for UPWORD. Some really wonderful coincidences happened, like today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Perfect day to send love and gratitude. I know you will send lots OUT. But here, I want you to send love IN. Remember that airplane message, “your oxygen mask first.” It insures the safety of those you love. Well, it’s true always. Caring for yourself has to come first.

Fill in the blank… “Thank you, <<First Name>>, for _____________.” What effort seems to have gone unnoticed, unappreciated? Take a moment to think. Go simple and true. Write it down. Is there another? Continue writing. Start each sentence with these same words. Tell yourself thanks. I know you deserve it!

Feels good. Like a hot bubble bath.

THIS WEEK, write one of your statements on a post-it, big and loud. Stick it on the bathroom mirror or anywhere you pass regularly. Read it every time you do. Feel the message. You DO make a difference! ♥

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