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(word 55)

Word for the week: TARGET

In Martha Beck‘s book Finding Your Own North Star, she talks about our North Star as being our life’s purpose. If we’re aiming North, we are living our design. Joy and peace reside.

She says we are composed of an essential self and a social self. Our essential self was formed before we were born. It is our essence. Our true self. I call it our “spirit”. The social self is the part of us that moves us towards our North Star. When it listens and is guided by our essential self, it’s lovely. We feel GREAT!

The social self isn’t always that keen tho. It has a tendency to seek social approval above truth, sending us away from our North Star. It wants to stay socially acceptable and please people. When this happens, we feel AWFUL. Out of sync. The opposite of peace.

Only the essential self knows the way to your North Star.
Our AIM > find and follow the essential self.

Thus the reason for a VISION WALL. Like a vision board. It makes visible the things that are deeply you. And gives your essential self the opportunity to speak. It becomes a map for the social self to follow.

The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it. Mal Pancoast

Connect with your essential self. Create a clear road map. Start by getting quiet. This is where your essential self lives. And where to connect with the Great Creator. Then, gather images + words that touch your heart, that generate positive feelings and excitement in your body. This is how your essential self speaks to you, thru your body. Your body never lies and always knows true North. When you feel good, your essential self is saying “YES, this is who I am!”

Feeling true North will get you moving true North.
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How-to make a VISION WALL like mine…

Supplies… (hardware and office supply stores)
19 gauge annealed steel wire (black)
1″ pan head screws, #8
binder clamps

I created a grid with wire and used binder clamps to hang the items so it could be flexible and change easily over time. (Thumb tacks or magnets could work too.) As images appear that feel right, I add them. If images no longer connect, I remove them. Once they have been “achieved”, I put them in the “I DID IT!” folder.

Use the wall to refresh yourself. It’s from this feeling state that amazing things will happen.

ps. New Year Word Plaquettes shipped Friday, so be on the look out. They should arrive shortly. Sure, add your 2011 word to the wall. It’s part of your navigation system.

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Patsy Kay Kolesar January 30, 2011 at 9:53 am

Great post Lori! Thanks. You inspired me to share my own inspiration board with my facebook fans. Thank-you.


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