TRU Passion

by lorikoop

in TRU

Create something special . . .

Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it.

That message came loud and clear this week.

I felt the heaviness when I imagined filling my schedule with mug orders.

I heard a student say she was doing art only because she’s good at it. She wonders why she’s unmotivated.

A friend is overriding her masters in counseling to pursue painting. Things are falling into financial place.

Passion leads to purpose.

To the reason we’re here.

And to authentic peace.

. . . . . . . . .

Living T.R.U

Do what you love.

And if you want to make a living doing what you love, journal. And ask how. Money won’t likely fall from the sky, but ideas will. Listen. Then do them. There’s no need to guess.

And if you’re afraid, call me.

. . . . . . . . .

Studio Trax

Glazing… DONE!

Ceramic glazing

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