TRU Maneuvering

by lorikoop

in TRU

Create something special . . .


The variables . . .
Me and her.
Me and him.
Me and them.

That’s . . .
My business and her business.
My business and his business.
My business and their business.

Like . . .
My steering wheel and her steering wheel.
My steering wheel and his steering wheel.
My steering wheel and their steering wheel.

With my hands on my steering wheel,
I have the power to go where I want to go.
To maneuver. And stay safe.

. . . . . . . .

Coming T.R.U

You may be tempted.
To grab another’s wheel.
Out of habit.
Or because you know best.

Well, you do.
For you.

Grabbing another’s wheel… it’s not safe.
And could lead to costly repairs.

Plus, who would be driving your car?

Best to stay in your car, with your hands on the wheel.
So you don’t have an accident.
Or get lost.

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