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This week I noticed just how “out of control” my life was feeling. For me that’s uncomfortable. I’m usually very IN control. Organized. Linear. And orderly. Everything makes sense and gets done thru my specific plans.

Then something interesting happened. Lots, LOTS of things were there to be done (often happens after a vacation). If I would have tried to wrap my head around it all and “organize” it, I would have been completely overwhelmed. Instead I just made a list.

Coming off a relaxed week in Berkeley, I relaxed into this one as well. No high pressure. Just doing that thing in the moment that came into my mind to do. Whether I wanted to do it or not. If it showed up next, I acted.

And do you know, it’s all getting done. I looked at the list today, and I expect the last things will happen today.

How? Why did it happen so easily?

Here’s my hunch . . . I released control. I let my spirit lead. And lost the strick parent attitude. I just did one thing at a time. And didn’t focused on the list but on listening within.

I love how this feels! Thus the attention. And the share.
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