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by lorikoop

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“The Zone” is a very productive place to be. It feels good. And you get a lot of work done there!

But sometimes it’s hard to balance. To make room for the important people in your life too. The present moment.

Especially in the midst of a big project (or projects).

I’ve realized things just don’t “slow down.” But I can create that, if I want. Thru systems.

A system is a series of actions to accomplish something I want to happen, regularly. It starts as an experiment to solve the problem. If it does, the system works. If it doesn’t, time to tweak and try again.

Once I find a system, it’s a matter of doing it that way every time. Done enough times, it becomes a habit. And requires less mental energy. More energy for other things.

But in the beginning, it takes effort.

When I journaled about wanting to become a better listener to my daughter (last week), I heard “talk to her.” So I did, and we brainstormed how it could work. We came up with a code word, “meaningful,” to signal importance. And I asked that we talk outside working hours about these things.

Not rocket science. But attention.

Little by little.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

coming T.R.U

To remember the system, especially in the beginning, give yourself a reminder. Like a sticky note or an alarm. Be inventive. Play!

Make your life easier.

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