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Create something special . . .

(word 27)

Our word for this week . . . STILL

WARNING: this post is not for the faithless. If the word “God” causes alarm, read no further. Today I just can’t help it.

Each week I approach a different word, a word determined by a random drawing done in January. My writing, a reflection of the moment. There is no real connection week to week except that it comes from one vessel, me. I write what I hear…

And so there are, in the midst of life, moments when the sun shines through. It clears the fog and brings to light the beauty of a day. The gift. The marvel of the clouds, the song of the birds, the artistry of the natural world.

All this has been created. It exists because of a powerful imagination. One far greater than ours. An idea beyond our reach. And yet we see the evidence. And we feel it every time we create. I call this genius God.

The mystery of it. The power that sits among us and in us and moves through us. The gift of inventing, choosing, loving. Each day we are invited to engage. To connect as we truly are. Unconditional love at its purest. The promise of the heavens.

We are even a wonder. Our journey a series of lessons learned not by being right but by being “wrong”. As we sit in the dark, God is there. In the midst of our thoughts, worry and regret, He reassures. He knows. He feels.

And outside, the sun faithfully rises, STILL. The sky celebrates the dawn. And His light makes all things grow.

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Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, gave a brilliant talk about nurturing creativity. Be inspired! Her closing remarks… so profound and beautiful. (20 minutes) Click here to listen.

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admin August 4, 2010 at 11:23 am

Susan, I would be most honored! Please share. The more who move upword the better.


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