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Word of the week: SPOTLIGHT

Step into the spotlight. Out of the shadows and into clear view. Just as you are. It will bring richer, deeper relationships. In business, it will make you “the expert”.

Why is it so hard?

Our people pleaser self wants to keep us safe, for us to fit in. It repeatedly tells us the horrible things that could happen if we expose exactly who we are. It might reveal we’re unlovable or we’re unworthy. Our deepest fears. “Don’t risk it”, it says. It’s that “social self” again, the one I spoke about last week, afraid of what others will think.

If we listen to that self, it will be a fight to get into the spotlight, to break free. All kinds of struggle, sweat and tears. “I can’t step out, I’m not good enough.”

“I’m not pretty enough. I don’t know enough. I’m not strong enough.” Are we ever enough?

Our essential self answers a resounding “YES!” It’s our essential self that leads empowered by the truth of our spirit… that soft, quiet voice within. Here, the story is completely different. We experience a strong sense of love and belonging. We know we are worthy. We have the courage to be imperfect. We have compassion for others, and we love ourselves. Vulnerability is not something we run from but something we agree to, because it brings what we really desire, connection.

ps. Brene Brown’s Ted Talk The Power of Vulerability offers huge insight into how we work.
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1. I signed up to join Jessica Steward as she teaches how to create interesting videos. If you have been entertaining the idea of stepping into the video spotlight, she has the hints and humor to guide… class: Video Star.

2. Jennifer Lee’s Video Summit came across my desktop this week. She’s rounded up some fantastic speakers. I’m sure we’ll be inspired. Participate again from home. (Isn’t that great!) It’s free.

3. A free teleclass… Intuition

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