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by lorikoop


(Week 84)

Word of the Month: SHARE

Holstee Manifesto Poster
I love this poster. Great share, MJ! To purchase, click here.

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STUDIO One-on-Ones

In September, I will begin coaching The Someday Sessions, for those who are ready for “someday“. You know,
Someday I’ll return to singing.”
Someday I’ll lose this weight.”
Someday I’ll do meaningful work.”
Someday I’ll move to the coast.”
Just imagine for a minute, that’s right… close your eyes, and imagine you’re actually doing it. Feel it. That’s what a coach can help you create. Someday in September.

This week, I’m making a video about what coaching actually is, how it works with me, even where I work. A behind the scenes look at what it would be like to work together. The things I would want to know if I were considering a coach.

If you want to see the video, reply to this email, and I’ll share when it’s ready. xo

ps. I have 8 spots open at pre-certification rates.

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