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(word 21)

In normal, everyday life, we walk in one big circle. Like an Andy Goldsworthy piece, the stepping stones peek from the water just enough to step. Round and round we go, each day with little change.

Unless we step out. Onto a rock we do not know. Beyond the circle.

Risk begins with desire.
Risk requires effort.
Risk is about hope, trust, belief.

Remember when you were a kid exploring, and you came upon a discovery. Maybe it was a honeysuckle bush, the remains of an old house, or fresh animal tracks. There was such fun in exploring the unknown.

As adults, our time is limited. Resources know a bottom. And actions come with a cost. Fear wants to keep us walking that round, tame predictable circle.

I’m sure you’ve heard “leap and the net will follow.” Or “build the plane while you’re flying it.” These require BIG risks and HUGE braveries.

Maybe you don’t possess that radical muscle yet, but you want out of the circle, to try possibility. Do baby steps. Take baby risks. Not huge, life threatening chances. But consistent, determined smaller ones that move you clearly in the right direction. Revisit the fun of exploration. Build that muscle. In time, you’ll be ready to jump.

Our word for this week, RISK.

Risk forming an ellipse. Or better yet, create your own organic, original shape.

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A candle pot giveaway by Monster Bites. These guys did a FABULOUS job! Such UPward thinking. Sing now has a new home.

We sing when we live authentically.

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