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(word 54)

Word of the week: REDECIDE

The only reason we have to re-decide is because we question our original decision. This week I had a nasty episode. The critic came to visit BIG TIME!

In a split second, I went from being totally ok to feeling completely freaked out. Like a sudden tornado, all these defeating thoughts came and all hope vanished. “Give it up!” It felt like a huge lead house had landed on me, and I was pinned to the ground. I couldn’t move a thought.

The critic knows just where to punch, doesn’t he. He goes for the gut. The fastest way to get you down. It’s always an attack on who you are. It even starts to feel true.

But it’s not! Don’t engage!! Certainly don’t agree. The key is to become the “watcher”, a passive viewer of the event. Just observe the thoughts as they bombard the stage.

Then decide what to do. I continued my business activities and ignored the thoughts. I didn’t have the energy to fight. And eventually the attacker slowed. He got tired of my nonreaction. And like a wave, the thoughts passed thru and past me. Reception improved, and I could pick up the “truth signal” again. With it, the life blood of hope began to run thru my arteries and revive my body and my being. I could now breath. And agree with my truth.

In this state, I am connected. In this state, I can hear. In this state, I can decide or REDECIDE anything.

You are never required to do more than you can do in peace. Right now, take a breath, return to peace, and refuse to leave.” Martha Beck

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Life is good. xo

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