REACH – Story

by lorikoop


Create something special . . .

(Week 74)

Word of the Month: REACH

This is a doozie. This week’s realization has shifted everything. And I must reach out, to see if it can help you.

It’s a way of understanding our power.

A way of freeing us from stress.

The stress we create. Aha!

Yes, we create the stress, because we write the stories. About everything in our life. Based on what we believe. Right or wrong, we do it naturally. We create the reasons why things are, what they should be, what they could be. To understand circumstances. To “make sense” of things. To bring meaning. We use stories.

If you want to find one of yours, look for the word “should”.
“He should do ______.”
“She shouldn’t have done ________.”
When you hear that word, ask “why?
Your answer begins your “story”.

We make stories true. And we can make them untrue.
If a story doesn’t feel good, rewrite it. Begin by questioning. Is this story serving me? What would feel better? There is power in your pen.

Need help with editing? I have found “the Work” (and Loving What Is) of Byron Katie very helpful. Four simple questions and turnarounds. Who knew? And it’s free.

Just beware, honing your writing skills will change your life.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Glazing a bit.

My next thought was “I should be glazing more.” Ouch. See? Time to question. “Really? Why??” Find relief from those blasted stories. Find the story that feels good, and it will be the truth. Promise. xo

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