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(word 47)

The word PONDER sends me to outer space. To the huge unanswered questions within me. Who am I? What is my purpose here?

This week, I stopped in my tracks. Maybe I’ve not been able to find peace, because there is no BIG ANSWER. After all, I am not who I was ten years ago. And I never could have imagined today.

The truth is I am answering them every day. As I listen. As I choose. As I feel. As I act. One moment at a time. Awake. The clothes I take out to wear. The foods I choose for breakfast. The response I have to the crazy driver. Every encounter with myself, every decision, allows me to answer. I have only to be honest. You too.

Sure, a general map is wise. But then we must walk. Down the busy sidewalk. Over the bridge. Thru the intersections, street closures, and construction noise. Surprises along the way… the new cool shop, the broken shoe lace, the flowers in bloom. How we respond is answering.

We are creating. In THIS moment… the only moment we’ve got.

May we have the courage.

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A moment of decision can sometimes be HUGE. This one took a lot of listening and trust. I signed up for Martha Beck‘s 2011 Life Coach Training class. To learn to coach myself.

Sorry to say I will not be doing The Artist’s Way book study in January. But the good news, all future projects will be infused with “Martha wisdom”. And be even more powerful!

If you’re ready now, don’t wait. Assemble a small group, commit to meet regularly and follow the book. I promise, it WILL change your life!

ps. Yes, of course, ceramics will continue. It’s part of WHO I AM, today.

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