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Many people say they want to do more, play more, with social media to help grow their business. Maybe you’ve heard yourself say it, but nothing happened. Why is it so hard to turn a desire into real action?

My hunch is because your plate is already full. The most precious resource for an entrepreneur is time. To make room for anything new requires a shift in tactics. Try this: instead of adding another to-do to your list, start with the heart. Answer the question “why do I want to use social media?” If it’s because everyone else says you should, forget it! You’ll never keep it up. You may initiate, but without a deeply felt reason to continue… well, you won’t. The effort will be temporary.

You see, for anything to be ongoing, and joyful, it must have meaning. It must be something you value… something that gives you a warm feeling inside. Is it because you love meeting new people? Is it to help others live happier lives? Find your answer. The why is the thing you cling to on a cold, dark night when the urge to quit is looming; the why-thought is the reason you carry on. It reconnects you to your mission and the energy needed to continue. Keep it in your back pocket. And pull it out whenever you feel your commitment starting to wane. The right thoughts empower the actions you desire. They make room where there seemed to be none at all.

This holds true for any goal. What else is on your wish list? Keeping up with taxes. Making regular cold calls. Better time management. Choose one to work on at a time. Find your powerful why. Why do you want to do it? Get clear about that, and you’re half way there.

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