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by lorikoop

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When children play, they are motivated by pure curiosity. They intuitively question… naturally, innately. Then set out to find the answers. Why? Because it’s fun.

Then, over the years, things change. We tell ourselves a different story: a story of fear and worse case scenarios. We don’t experiment like we used to. We see the consequences — well, the bad ones. There are good consequences, but our mind focuses on the bad ones. And thus, we begin to limit our choices. Narrow our opportunities.

Play requires an attitude of allowance, and openness to possibilities — to risk for the good outcomes. For essentially the same growth outcomes we experienced as kids. When we start listening again to our true self, we resume “inspired action.” Action that is suggested by our spirit. And is supported by that “gut feeling.”

Questions arrive, such as, “wonder what would happen if I advertised on Yelp?” That thought came to me recently, and my whole body lit up. Because my body reacted that way, I knew my spirit was saying, “do it!” So, I did. I signed up for a year. Due to my body, not my logical mind. Logic was saying, “are you crazy?!! There’s no proof.” And wanted to play it safe. Or rather, not play.

Fear will never lead to play. It stops new outcomes and possible incomes. Insanity is described as doing the same thing and expecting different results. If we want something bigger, better, we’re going to have to do some things differently. Things that require us to head straight into the unknown.

Am I scared? Heck yeah. I don’t know if it will pay off. That’s part of play, and why some people don’t. But without play, we lose the fun. And isn’t that why we’re entrepreneurs? I mean, aren’t we really just big kids?!

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