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After you buy a red car, isn’t it funny how many red cars you suddenly see on the road? Since starting PLAY, the subject keeps coming up. Entrepreneurs admit they want to play more… but they are also believing “there’s no time.”

Wait a minute! But we’re the bosses. As entrepreneurs, we make the decisions. So how come we can’t have what we want?

“Work” happens when our job becomes more about the money and less about the passion and the people we help. When we have to muster the energy to repeatedly do tasks we no longer feel inspired to do; when fear prevents us from trying new things. Over time, this kind of activity leaves us empty and exhausted. We feel trapped and depressed… not playful.

Yes, this is work, and it’s painful… especially when you’re the boss!

Play, on the other hand, comes from a place of peace. It happens when we are connected to our truest self, and know that what we’re doing is what we’re here to do. When our actions are aligned with our spirit, they feel effortless. They feel like play. And we feel a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose. Instead of feeling exhausted, we feel energized!

To play more, you need only decide to let your spirit lead. Decide to trust that still, small voice within. It is The Real You, and it was born to play.

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