Plan B

by lorikoop

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You’re about to take a major leap of faith in your business. You’ve scared. So you devise a Plan B, just in case Plan A doesn’t work. It’s a safety net, and it makes you feel better. But is it really better?

When Plan B exists, our commitment to Plan A decreases. We’ve got one foot in and one foot out. When difficulty shows up, it’s easy to put our attention on the escape plan… Plan B. Not on looking for creative cures. And doing what it takes! Instead, we’re preparing to jump ship. To save ourselves.

Ditch Plan B! If you want Plan A to work, make a whole-hearted commitment. No back-up plan. Then, it’s clear to you, and it’s clear to your Creator, what your intention is. And both can focus on helping you succeed.

As obstacles are encountered, Plan A is tweaked. Not abandoned. It becomes “Plan A – Revised.” And with it, passion continues to steer and energize. Wisdom is accessed and creative solutions flow. We feel on-purpose and alive still.

Of course, we can make major changes. It’s part of growing a business. The difference is they are not “planned for”… figured out in advance. We remain in the moment with our business and make revisions as the need arises. Linearly. When we get there.

And so they are made. To Plan A. As we go.
It’s the way to TRU* success.

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