Plan A

by lorikoop

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I have a client, Jane, who wants to become a successful entrepreneur doing Life Coaching. She feels it’s her calling, so she starts her own business doing it. This is her Plan A.

And she works towards making Plan A successful. Hard!

But her marketing efforts are not working. Clients are not coming. Now what? Does she stay self-employed (option 1), or does she find a job working for someone else (option 2)? (We’ll simplify the options.)

Time to decide. Either way, Plan A continues. Because it’s the path she’s walking. And it’s a linear path. It’s a “decide as you go” path. And it’s always Plan A.

“Plan B” is created to run along side Plan A… an emergency option in case Plan A fails. It decides she won’t be able to get more clients. It always imagines the worst. That’s why I say nix the Plan B. Stick with what you know… not what you imagine.

Her Plan A may change entirely, decision by decision. It may even start to look like a Plan B. There’s nothing wrong with changing course. But it’s never “a plan.”

It’s a choice she makes at each intersection. Based on reality.

That’s how she stays on her TRU path. And how you can, too.

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