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Create something special . . .

(Week 91)

Word for October: PATIENCE

Patience is one of those things we all wish we had more of, especially “after the fact.” After we’ve lost our cool and expressed our anger. But in that moment, we can’t see options. We just see someone or something we want, we REALLY want, to be different NOW!

(Oh my gosh!! Just started seeing it as an adult temper tantrum. Ugh.)

Change begins with awareness. So this week, become “the watcher.” Step outside yourself and watch your interactions as a fly on the wall. Without emotion or opinion. Notice when you play the impatient part. Say a lot of “isn’t that interestings!

Isn’t that interesting… she thinks that.
Isn’t that interesting… she feels that.
Isn’t that interesting… she said that.

Awareness brings insight and answers. From a place of clarity, we can see what we want to create instead. Next week, tips on how to create it. This week, just notice.

With time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.

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Still feeling stuck and NOW ready for change? Shoot me an email at Lori(at) for the video link. Pre-certification rate of $25 a session thru December.

From a sweet client: “I can’t tell you enough how helpful the work we have been doing has been. Sooo much self talking about the job i want to get! Then the self positiveness coming thru to tell me wonderful, strong inducing things about myself. And when the fear and self doubt start to come up, I LOVINGLY COUNTER BALANCE THE TALK WTH SUCH POSITIVE SELF ACCEPTANCE, etc. I keep returning to my core being, in line with God, being right there with me.”

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