PATIENCE – Breathe

by lorikoop


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(Week 92)

Word for October: PATIENCE

Patience is a muscle that grows with awareness and practice.

Practice allows us to begin feeling the transition in our body. When we go from peace to frustration. It brings us to the hear and now. When we are connected to our body, we notice the descent. This is the key to becoming patient. Because it’s when we notice, that we can change.

What did you notice this week? How did your body feel when it moved from patience to frustration? What were you thinking? Your thoughts created the reaction.

When you start to feel frustrated, bring your attention away from your thoughts (for now). To the breath, to your breathing. Notice it instead. Nice and deep. If necessary, walk away from the circumstance to catch it. Productive solutions never come from a place of frustration. Don’t even try. Put your energy into getting your body back to calm.

From calm, you choose. Here, you are in charge. If you don’t want “angry,” you don’t have to take it! Your feelings come directly from your thoughts. Next week, we’ll discuss the thoughts that create patience.
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I have been feeling the need to get back to using my hands. Yesterday I opened the clay bag again and started pinching. Patience is a good word. It will take some time to find the place I left off. “And that’s ok.”

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