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Create something special . . .

(word 12)

It’s Easter today, and the word for this week is PASSION. Another happy “accident”. says passion is a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for something. I’ll add it’s a heart force that one commits to. Could be your family, a career, an artful expression, a sport, or all of the above.

So, we pick up in the middle of the story . . . you’re on a passion path, truckin’ along. Guess what happens next? (Hint: it’s the same in every story.) Something steps in the way to try and stop you. It may happen today, tomorrow or next week. That part is unpredictable. But the attempt is inevitable. Like, the next move may require lots of hard earned money. Your thoughts may start screaming “this is impossible.” Or, the family may be asking for more of your time.

You have reached a roadblock. Now what do you do? How will you continue? or will you?? The key in such an encounter is to know your why!
Why are you on this road anyway?

There are reasons, and it’s more than money. Write them down, loud and clear. Keep them close. They could be needed at any time. These are your whys, and they will give you the strength to move the roadblocks to the side.

A friend is teaching in a tough middle school. What pulls her through the hard days is knowing she is making a difference. Another friend is afraid to step up into a bigger dream, because she doubts. She remembers her why: the vision of others using and enjoying her ceramics. And I know a guy who was asked to sacrifice His very life for the sake of others. I’m sure He had a clear why when He agreed to such a request.

Lean on your whys, then “hit the road”. There are lives to be brightened! Including your own.

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Susan April 5, 2010 at 10:21 am

Dear Lori,

Just want you to know how much I enjoy getting your “upwords” every week. Even though I may not respond, I am reading them and reflecting on it through the week. On top of being a great artist, you are also very talented in writing your inspirational messages. Todays word hits home for me, because I am approaching a transition in my life. Like your other friend, I have doubts and fears about making the wrong decision to do what I love, my passion. And that is creating art. But it seems along the way I keep getting hints, messages and validation that I should trust the journey and surrender all my worries to God. I think your message today “passion” is another confirmation to move forward. Thank you!


admin April 8, 2010 at 5:12 am

Susan, if I can add light to the path, I’m grateful. Thank you for encouraging my writing. Follow that deeper place. Doors will open as you state what you want and ask for help. We all need help. Keep in your brain positive thoughts and the feelings you’d have if you were already there . . . the confidence and excitement that would be if you were actually living on your art right now. It’s a journey, but one I am confident you will find profitable in all areas! Just standing at the crossroads is a huge step. Congrats to you, Lori ps. Don’t stop with just the want. The internet is a great resource for HOW to step out and make it happen. Doors open but we have to step thru. xo


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