ORDER – Choice

by lorikoop


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Word for March: ORDER

We get “orders” all the time. Have you noticed?

“Spend time in the studio every day.”

The spirit is motivated by love. When it gives orders, they are for our good. Actually, they feel more like suggestions. They are filled with wisdom. To guide us with more surety and ease along our right path. When we hear them, we feel an agreement within. Even if they’re not easy, we know them to be true. Like a loving parent. Using loving language. We feel supported.

“You need to finish the website!”

The critic is motivated by duty. When it gives orders, its tone is much harsher. Like a drill sergeant. The concern is around what others will think. Looking like a failure. These orders make us feel rotten about ourselves, guilty and fearful. Ugh!! They reduce the activity to work. The joy comes out. These orders keep us judging ourselves and others. They might feel true, but they’re not. There’s no peace.

Both speak constantly. The spirit is more quiet. If you want its wisdom and strength, be still and listen within. Start with 5 minutes before you get out of bed in the morning.

And the critic? It’s hard to miss. And sometimes hard to stand against. But it’s your right… your right to feel good! “Choose wisely” I suggest.

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