ORDER – Self Sabotage

by lorikoop


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Word for March: ORDER

“After I lose weight, I’ll ________________.”

“Once I retire, I’ll _________________.”

“When I finish this website, I’ll _____________.”

Fill in the blank. The second thing is dependent on completing the first. If it’s been taking a while, it’s time to look deeper.

Setting an order to things makes sense. It keeps things organized and simple. A linear path keeps things clear.

The problem arises when the path becomes blocked. These statements can form blocks. If the thing goes undone, we are stopped. And forced to wait. Until that thing gets done.

When we put something in our path that keeps us from facing our fears and moving forward, it is called self sabotage. It’s a way of avoiding. Consciously or subconsciously, it stops our progress.

I was doing this with my website until a brilliant coach called me on it. She asked me about what would happen after I finished the website, and what I was afraid of. Honestly, I hadn’t seen my strategy. But when I really thought about it, I realized I was afraid of public speaking. My obsession/distraction with the site was keeping me from having to do something I was afraid of doing.

If you’ve been waiting a LONG time on your first goal and it’s still undone, ask yourself these questions. If that first goal was accomplished, what would that mean? What about that next thing is scary? Once you’re clear about the fear, you can find a solution. How can you make it less scary? And if it’s not going away, what’s the next baby step you can take today to move towards it?

You don’t have to leap. Actually, you can repel down the side, one small maneuver at a time. Both accomplish the same goal… thru the fear and to the other side. You don’t have to leap.

And it’s funny how the site is now nearly done.

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