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Marketing help . . .

Last time we talked about someone whose business was in trouble, because she didn’t have enough clients. It led me to the question… why is marketing such a hassle? Here are my two hunches:

1. the chosen marketing methods are “no fun” or

2. the “why” isn’t clear and TRU

We humans are drawn to things that are fun. And we don’t do things… or greatly procrastinate, when things aren’t.

Marketing can easily fall into that category. So, two suggestions to help you follow thru on your marketing intentions.

1. Choose marketing methods that are fun! What do you enjoy doing? Do that! The only requirement is showing up where your ideal clients are hanging out. ie. Write about stuff you love, or if you love to draw, draw in your newsletter. Picture maker? Deliver pictures. Make it enjoyable, and you’ll do it. OR option 1A, hire or trade with someone for whom it is fun.

2. If you choose to do the marketing yourself and it’s not your favorite, get back to why you want to do it in the first place. See them. All those you want to help. When you connect with the heart reason, you will be motivated to talk to them. The “meaningful” chord will have been struck. And tho it is kind of painful to do, the feeling in the end will make it worth it.

Marketing lets them know you care.

Keep it that simple.

We.can lose sight.

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