Getting Clear : Transitions

by lorikoop

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(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published Aug 17, 2013)

Have respect for yourself, and patience and compassion. With these you can handle anything.” – Jack Kornfield

Life is full of transitions: just as there are seasons in nature, there are seasons in life. They occur whether we want them to, or not….

. My sister’s youngest leaves for college.
. A friend loses a 25 year work routine.
. The kids return to school.

Some transitions are harder than others, but they all ask us to change. They require us to shift the way we see ourselves and our identity. This is known as “Square 1”… Death and Rebirth in the Cycle of Change. No, it’s usually not easy. As a matter of fact, it’s the place where most people seek Life Coach support.

When a caterpillar begins its transformation into a butterfly, it doesn’t just grow wings. It creates a cocoon around itself and, within, turns to goo. It completely melts down into liquid form and then reforms as a butterfly. Our process is similar. The old self turns to goo. But the DNA is still there. In time, the new self emerges just as miraculously. And beautifully.

Here are some keys to managing “Square 1” transitions:

Recognize you are in transition and cut yourself some slack. Hang low. Allow yourself time to grieve. To feel the feelings of loss. To cocoon and reflect. Listen to your body. You may require more sleep, have less “doing” energy, and feel “emotional.” This is all normal. Be compassionate and patient with yourself. Don’t make any major decisions. Your new self is forming, and it requires time and self-care.

Grieve, but don’t get stuck in your story — that will only prolong the trip. Work through your feelings, investigate beliefs, and don’t fight it! Allow the new You to emerge when the time is right. It will happen organically as you flow with the process.

Hang in there. The rewards are big. You are becoming a better You! Stronger. Deeper. Wiser. And on the other side, you will see more clearly.

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