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Lori Koop

(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published Aug 3, 2013)

The challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man.” – Stephen Covey

Balance: it is a state of mind. It’s not about equal measures on a scale, like equal life and work. That’s physical balance. What we’re talking about here is emotional balance. Finding peace within your life and your business… at the same time.

I have a client who drives her kids back and forth between activities, and is happy to support them. However, when she is with the girls she feels guilty about not working on her new business. And when she is working, she feels guilty about not spending time with the girls. She’s torn between wanting to support her kids and their growth, and birthing a business she’s passionate about.

Subconsciously she thinks, “if only I could give 100% of her time to each, then I would certainly be successful.” And that is where her frustration comes from: unrealistic expectations. Nobody gets 200%. We each get an equal portion… 100% of our time to spend.

To find peace and restore balance, it is necessary to recalculate. Begin by drawing out a typical week and blocking in the areas of your day that are already committed to certain activities. Use different colored markers to represent the various themes, for example: the kids, meals, carpooling, exercise, housework, family time, etc. What is left uncolored is the time available for your new business. Or for whatever else you have in mind. By making it visual, the truth becomes clear.

Take a careful look. Are you surprised? This is reality. And this is the place to start to create peace. Maybe it will necessitate a change in expectation. Or perhaps, a change in time allocation. You get to choose. Follow what feels good.

(If peace is still hard to find, let’s talk. I have lots of tools. There’s no need to struggle.)

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