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(Mountain Views News, Sierra Madre published July 27, 2013)

The only pressure I’m under is the pressure I’ve put on myself.” – Mark Messier

A client arrive frazzled and confused. She had embarked an entrepreneurial adventure and received rave reviews. Many new ideas had surfaced in her client meeting, and she was excited. Things were moving forward, and fast!

After a few days, she felt overwhelmed and stuck. She couldn’t even focus enough to file. There was a tempest brewing, and it wasn’t outside. The fury was within. Wind howling. Thoughts flying about. Nothing was grounded or certain. Fear. Yup, she was in “the storm.” This is when she came to see me.

We discussed what was going on. How the initial excitement had turned into pressure. Pressure to please the retail buyers. Pressure to create all these new things. Pressure to know things she didn’t know yet. Distracted by the whirlwind, she had stopped doing photography — the part of her business she loved most.

We are funny creatures. We lift up pressure and put it on ourselves. Once we see what we are doing, we can remove it. That’s just what we did. She was invited to shift her thoughts to align with her TRU self; when she did, she immediately felt better. More peaceful. She planned to schedule regular photography sessions each week. From this place of passion and love, she would hear when her spirit suggested a new product. She would know when to expand, even how to expand, as she stayed connected.

Even bosses cannot stress us out unless we let them. It’s a matter of learning the tools that get us out from under the self-imposed weight. I teach these tools that work both in life and business. If you’re interested, book a complimentary session with me. I’m happy to share how you too can experience more peace.

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