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(word 64)

Word of the week: INVITING

Imagine a seed that drops among too many others. There’s no time to think. No space. No freedom. It’s all out survival mode.

Now, imagine a seed that falls where there’s plenty of room. There’s time to choose. There’s room to expand. There’s freedom to create.

Ideas are like seeds. So are we. We thrive where there’s space. To move. To grow. To become.

Several times this week, the phrase “holding space for” showed up. It means allowing the opportunity for feelings to surface and be expressed. I saw it related to inviting.

When we hold space open, we are inviting.

Things beyond our reach.
It’s an act of trust
and it lays down the agenda.
What wants to arrive, does.
It has a place to land.

Another phrase that showed up this week… slow down and lighten up.

Yup, that would do it!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Physical spaces can be inviting. Or not. Currently my studio is collecting, and it’s not pretty. I know, clear my space and I’ll clear my mind.

Do I dare add it to the to-do list?? xo

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