by lorikoop


Create something special . . .

(week 68)

This month we’ll think about the word HELP.

The magic of this world is how everything works together. The visible and the invisible. A super machine that never breaks down. We are born a part of it. An essential gear in the workings of its magnificence.

We need each other.

We help each other.

Every moment, every interaction, invites us to deeper understanding. There are no “mistakes”. Both pleasure and pain help us become “the everything” we were created to be.

Our actions, never isolated. It’s the way of the system. What I do affects you. What you do affects me. There is no “selfish”. You are always helping me.

May we have eyes to see.

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Boy, clear vision is coming up all over the place. This week, I deleted my blogspot account. I closed my website account. It’s time for transition. To make room for what I love. It’s my way of helping the world.

And when you do what you love, you too help the world.

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