HELP – Mothers

by lorikoop


Create something special . . .

(week 69)

Word of the Month: HELP

Where does your help come from?

It started with your Mother.
A woman willing to bear the pain
to bring you forth.

Yesterday Ellis had been reading her baby book. Tears filled her eyes. “You did so much and I didn’t even …”. In that moment, the joy and the pain overwhelmed me. I could barely whisper “That’s what Mothers do.”

Today we remember.

Give yourself 15 minutes away, to just sit and reflect. Piano music always connects me to my essential self.

It was never about perfection.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Since conceiving UPWoRD, I have drawn a lucky winner monthly, from the list of subscribers, to give away a piece of ceramics. Something has always bugged me about that… everyone else “loses”. So, I’m changing it.

In lieu of the monthly drawing, I will run random promotions for all UPWoRD subscribers. And only for subscribers. This month a SUPER special…. 20% off everything in the shop. To receive, subscribe. Would love to have you!

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