HELP – Heart

by lorikoop


Create something special . . .

(week 70)

Word of the Month: HELP

Close your eyes and remember the last time you helped someone. What did it feel like?

When you give from the heart, love returns to you, from within. Your spirit sings of meaning, value and belonging. It’s like a faucet goes on, and you fill up. It doesn’t come from another. It springs internal.

There is no owing, no conditions, nothing more that’s needed. The transaction is complete. And beautiful.

“Conditional” help, on the other hand, feels quite different. It’s when we give expecting someone to return the favor, to pay us back, to act in a certain way. If they do what we want, we feel good. And if they don’t, we don’t. This means our happiness is being controlled by another’s actions. Giving this power away is never good. And the warm + fuzzy faucet will never go on.

Check yourself. Sometimes we form habits or inherit behaviors that don’t serve us well. Help feels good to everyone. And delivers a peace that surpasses understanding.

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