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by lorikoop


Create something special . . .

(Week 72)

Word of the Month: HELP

This coaching thing is new for most of us. What are life coaches, exactly? My take, in a nutshell, life coaches bring healthy people to peak performance. They help others…

— Realize the vision they had for their life
— Find a career that brings meaning and purpose
— Grow a passion business
— Enhance relationships
— Heal emotional wounds
— Lose weight
— Bring balance to every day
— Find and live that precious, right life

If you’re stuck in the hamster wheel, a coach can get you to solid ground. Moving forward. To authentic peace.

And it doesn’t take years. Could be weeks. When you learn the tools, you can help yourself. These are not skills we were taught in school. That’s why we flounder so much.

Yes, I’m partial to Martha Beck. I too believe we were created by design, and everything we need is inside us. Waiting to be realized. When we’re ready.

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Ok, so one story… I’m at the Martha Beck training, and Veronica walks up to me. She had read UPWoRD that morning and learned that I too was in Phoenix, at the same training. We had never met in person, but we had become friends because of UPWoRD. Little did we know!

These kind of synchronicities keep happening on this coaching journey. With me and with clients. Crazy! And love it!! xo

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