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Create something special . . .

(word 14)

Grab a friend. It’s time to go somewhere you’ve never been before. Physically. Near or far, it doesn’t matter. It’s time to have FUN!

It’s not always easy to have this kind of fun. At least not for me. It feels like “there’s just no time!” “It’s frivolous and unproductive.” “I can’t get my work done as it is!”

But my spirit, the smarter me inside, knows better. She says it’s good, even imperative, to take time off. A getaway refreshes the body, mind + soul. Why?

:>) It drains the to-do thoughts, making room for great ideas to appear. They’re there. They just need space to land.
:^) Laughter and just plain relaxing relieves stress. And also makes us nicer.
:^D It keeps the “risk muscle” in shape. Who knows what will happen? Excitement has center stage, not fear.
;^D Spending quality time with others builds a life supported by love. We need it by design!
$;^D The new scenery will open your eyes to the earth, its wonders, and the miracles. Gratitude transforms.

I used to work out, because I liked to. Now I work out, because I have to, to stay healthy. Same with fun. It’s got to be there. Put it on the calendar. Make it happen. Just see.

Invite a friend to explore a new trail or to accompany you to an art opening. Drive 30 minutes in any direction and see where you end up. Bring the camera. What a great blog post to share. Oh no, if it begins to feel like work, trash it. Here, there is no pressure. Be free! Try spontaneous!!

Only one KooP rule… you MUST sit down somewhere along the way, perhaps with a beverage, and take a long, deep breath. Remember, this is why you work so hard. Reap the benefits!

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Sound like fun? 😀

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