by lorikoop


Ceramic pot,

(word 2)

I didn’t come here to worry or wonder
Or hide away under the ground
The heartbeat I hear makes it perfectly clear
That I’m here to live out loud
. ~
Christine Kane

Suppose you met this thought this week “I want to go back to school for nursing.” Wow! What an amazing thought. A revelation in fact. Time to celebrate!

The party begins, and every sort of fella from your thought pond swims in. Remember those guys. What they looked like, the diverse assortment (from last week). They’ve all come. Now the place is so crowded, it’s hard to breathe.

Hmmm. Maybe you didn’t want EVERYONE to come. No, I’m sure you didn’t. You only wanted those thoughts who support the dream to be there. What if, at the door, you played bouncer. You decided who to let in and who to refuse? You have the right. It’s YOUR party. Either they’re in or there’s out! You say “NOPE! Not allowed in here!. GO!!”

Or, another way. What about sending out invitations intentionally. To the “A” list only. No invite, no entry.

Sure some thoughts are stronger than others. Some are desperate to crash the party. But it’s your right and your job to say NO!!! Be ruthless. Protect this treasure. It is part of who you are you, who you were made to be. If necessary, get help! Recruit the muscles of a friend or spouse. Sometimes it takes a team.

Revised scene (invitations pre-sent) . . your underwater party. Look around now. Take it in. You are surrounded by only your favorite thoughts. This is the sight to remember! Fill the photo album. A room full of helpers that support the upward movement. YES!!!

Remember, you’re free to choose!


What thought are you celebrating this week? Write it down. Small or large, it doesn’t matter. (There’s always opposition.) Who do you want to celebrate with you? Make a list of the thoughts. There is no budget (cause it costs nothing). So there’s no limit. Go wild! But be particular and clear. And throw the best darn party ever!

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