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(word 67)

Word of the week: FORM

It’s time to change the form of UPWoRD.
To continue the upward motion.

When I went to Macrobiotics cooking class, I was told we don’t chew our food enough. And because of that, we lose a lot of nutrients. To receive the most benefit, we need to chew until the food becomes saliva, then swallow it. It takes more time but it delivers more value.

I want UPWoRD to deliver value. So, instead of introducing a new word weekly, I’ve decided to introduce a new word monthly.

To give the word time to feed us. To deliver a deeper connection. To make a difference in our busy lives.

So, something will still arrive weekly, but its form will vary. One week it may be text, the next week a quote, the next a video. I’m not sure yet. I do know I’m excited to open the creative door and see what comes.

It will be a surprise for all of us. And who doesn’t LOVE surprises?!!
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Speaking of surprises, HAPPY EASTER! May you too find joy and inspiration in the bright, new forms that appear in this season.

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