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(word 62)

Word of the week: FEELING

Feelings are nothing more than energy. They function as indicators, motivators and clues to ourselves. Feelings are neither good nor bad. They are not who we are, our personality. They simply share information with us.

The primary feeling groups are MAD, SAD, GLAD + AFRAID.

So, how do we “feel our feelings?”

First, take a moment to acknowledge the sensations in your body. Feel the emotional energy within. Allow the energy to be there and accept it as a “feeling.” Don’t judge, censor or block. You don’t even have to name it. It’s just passing thru.

Next, examine and accept the thoughts that go with the feeling. Again, don’t judge, censor or block. They “should” or “shouldn’t” be a certain way. Allow them as they are.

Then, decide the next step. YOU decide what, if anything, you want to do with the feeling and thoughts. Is it a problem you want to solve? Is your thinking off base? It may be enough to just feel the feeling and acknowledge the thoughts. It may request action. That’s up to you.

That’s all there is to “feeling your feelings.” You can do it. You were born to do it. Don’t be afraid.

Feelings do not control us if we “let them out,” let ourselves feel them. We choose our behavior. Just because we’re angry doesn’t mean we have to shout. We are in charge.

Feelings WILL control us if we don’t let them out. When we don’t allow ourselves to feel MAD SAD GLAD or AFRAID, the trapped energy will look for another means of escape and will sometimes push out in unexpected ways. Sometimes as physical ailments and disease.

It takes a little practice and attention to connect. Some things that can help: physical exercise, writing, making/creating, talking to someone, quiet time, meditation.

Being authentic brings authentic peace. If you need help with the process, ask your Higher Power. You don’t have to do it alone.

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Our body is a precious gift, our guide to our right life. It’s sensations tell us when we’re on course and when we’re off. If an idea feels good in the body, we’re headed in the right direction. If it doesn’t feel good, we’re not.

Listen in. You might be surprised.

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