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Create something special . . .

(word 52 – one year… YEAH!)

Our word for this week is : FAITH

We “do” faith all the time. When we put a letter in the mail. When we enter the freeway. When we eat food from the grocery store. Realize it or not. Like it or not. Much of our life is lived by faith. Trusting in something beyond ourselves.

So I had this crazy thought (you know those crazy artists)… what if this “something” also had faith in me? What if my dreams and ideas are entrusted, believing in me to carry them out. Not out of obligation, but because they are actually what I’ve always wanted to do.

Oprah said “The primary job in all our lives is to fulfill the highest expression of our true selves. Anything else is missing out on your life. How do you achieve the highest expression? This is the question I ask God every single morning.”

She sees things in her heart. Things that excite her. But she knows she can’t realize them by herself. She’s limited. They require superhuman power.

We use our super human power to feel, to respond, to move. That’s our part. And we’re good at it. We were made that way. But it doesn’t always do the job. Sometimes it requires superhuman help (most times actually).

So ask for it. I know. It requires faith.

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LAST YEAR, I sent a testimony to Christine Kane after taking her Uplevel Your Business class. Then I forgot about it. This week, it was published. Remember my word for this year, VISIBLE? My picture was front and center with it. I couldn’t be more visible.

I’m just sayin’…

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