EXHALE – Journaling

by lorikoop


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(Week 98)

Word for November: EXHALE

Journaling allows us to keep in touch with our body, our mind and our spirit. When we hold our breath, we are affecting that balance. The why is not always obvious. Putting pen to paper gives it a tangible presence. Converts it into a thing. So it can be seen. And questioned.

It happens with intentional attention. To our feelings. Our actions. The things that matter. To reality. The things we’d like to change. To the inside.

Journaling is the first thing I suggest to clients. Especially those who are not sure how they feel anymore. It has had a HUGE impact on my life. And I bet it will on yours too.

This is how I journal. CLICK HERE.

Clarity gives the feet a clear path to follow.

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2. Why look for your creative path?
. it’s part of your uniqueness, specific to your unique purpose
. you’re half left and half right brained (we’ve all got it)
. it’s a pest until it’s expressed
. it’s our “funner” side
. it leaves us changed, happier
. it’s a gateway to God and to peace

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