EXHALE – Breathe

by lorikoop


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(Week 96)

Word for November: EXHALE

Breathing. We do it unconsciously. But we can also do it consciously. To reduce anxiety and overwhelm. When we notice our breath, the fast, stressful thoughts are replaced with slow, soothing movement. We create quiet. So we can hear and re-connect with ourselves.

Inhale, notice the air, the oxygen as it comes into your lungs. Put your right hand on your chest and your left on your abdomen. Close your eyes. Take a nice deep breath. Feel your belly expand, as a balloon filling with air. The chest moves too, slightly. This is you. Noticing you. And your body. Doing what it does. Filling you with life.

Exhale, notice the air as it passes thru your nose, carrying carbon dioxide out into the world. For the trees. And the plants. The abdomen comes back towards the spine, gently pushing out all the air you have. Allow the exhale to last longer than the inhale. Tension also leaves. This is your body taking care of you. Making room for fresh, new air to re-enter.

Just three minutes of focused breathing. When you need a new perspective.
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It’s official. I passed the certification test to become an official “Martha Beck Certified Life Coach”. Completion feels good.

But just to tell you. It’s not the seal, the title or the diploma that creates competency. It’s your head. Whatever you believe to be true, is. No matter what the paper says.

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